Lauren Herth

Freelance Content/CopyWriter

Hi! I’m Lauren Herth, and I am a lover of the written word. I never go anywhere without a book (whether it be an Austen classic or the latests thriller on the best-seller lists), and I also find joy expressing my ideas and thoughts through writing.

I have spent eight years teaching high school English, so I am also passionate about sharing my love of reading and writing with others.

I believe one of the most powerful gifts we have as humans is positive, uplifting communication-a gift we do not take advantage of nearly enough. The magic happens when we take our gift of communication and use it to further our knowledge…we are built to be lifelong learners!

Through this platform, I will share my insights into topics such as literature, travel, and faith, as well as create partnerships with others who are looking for a freelance writer to help share their stories.